Feel all the Feels at On Being in Your Body Workshop

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Sustainability isn’t just about the environment as far as I’m concerned. I also believe in a sustainable way of being. In an overstimulating, stressful world it’s important to ground yourself and be able to quiet the chaos. Caitlin Metz of On Being in Your Body shares ways to create more mindful presence in your life, ways to heal, ways to bring you back to your body. May’s Place is hosting a workshop Wednesday, June 26th, led by Metz to do just that.

Describing the event, Caitlin says “I make sense of the world by folding paper, mark-making and visually processing my emotions. In this workshop, we'll move through an emotion by way of embodied meditation and art-making, while discussing the process and catharsis of creating intuitively from your sensations + emotions + desires.” Come ready to have feels and make things. All supplies will be provided, but if you have a favorite pen or paper, feel free to bring them!

6-7pm Happy hour (mingling + snacks + wine + shop discounts)

7-9pm workshop (meditation + jams + making + feels)

To reserve your space, get your tickets HERE!

A note on payment

You'll notice that there are various forms of payment. Please choose the one that feels good to you, or consider paying extra to help cover someone else.

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