Stringbean Coffee Co. Celebrates 6 Years With Open House!

Congratulations to one of our very favorite local vendors, Stringbean Coffee Co. on celebrating 6 years in business! This Saturday, May 27th, they will be holding an open house at their Brentwood Roaster from 9AM-12PM. For more info, check out the event page HERE

We recently had the opportunity to check out the place for ourselves when we delivered Peter's specially requested vintage velvet painting of Elvis! Check out from our visit below!

One of the reasons we love Stringbean Coffee Co so much (aside from how delicious it is - obviously) is their commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices.  Their coffee is Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance Certified. Also, a portion of profits from the Cafe Femenino Roast are donated to the Cafe Femenino Foundation which gives hope to women in coffee producing countries around the world. 

Peter Cohen has manage to blend his love for good coffee and good music with Stringbean Coffee Co. At the Roaster in Brentwood, Peter surrounds himself with some of his favorite musician's albums, portraits and posters - and even has the original Soul Train Disco Ball hanging over his head as he works! 

More of the musical element of Stringbean can be found in the conference room where Peter has on display vintage guitars and as well as a small line of custom Stringbean Coffee Guitars, where he often has local musicians join him for a quality jam session. 

We have 4 varieties of Stringbean Coffee available at May's Place, including Peru Cafe Femenino, Redeye Roast, Disco Inferno, and Malawi Peaberry. Pick some up today and do your part to #SupportLocal!

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