May's Go West: Yoder, KS

Last month Andy & I celebrated our honeymoon with a two week long road trip! We both love road trips- taking two lane highways through small towns in search of treasures. Whether that treasure is  a suede jacket covered in fringe, a diner that looks exactly like it did in 1950's, a cool old car on the side of the road, a story from an old-timer about how it used to be, or the record you've been in search of for months - you never know awaits you. Neither of us had seen the west, but we were both dying to get there. After a brief survey of all of the places we really wanted to see, we loosely plotted a route that in the end would take us over 5,000 miles in just 14 days. 

From St. Louis, we headed west on I-44 until we hit Joplin, MO. From there it was all two-lanes through southern Kansas. We stopped at a few antique malls along I-44 and picked up a few things, but really enjoyed getting off the interstate and passing through the small towns. I was pleasantly surprised by how hilly southern Kansas is, and felt like a modern day Don Quixote driving through the wind farms of Salina.  We stopped for dinner at Stroud's Restaurant for the "best pan fried chicken in Kansas" before finally arriving at our destination in Yoder. 

Our first stop of the trip was the tiny town of Yoder, KS simply because I found the most adorable Air B'n'B and it seemed like a good place to stop. It's a tiny, unincorporated town with a population of about 200 that serves a large Amish community of the surrounding area. There's a grocery store, a hardware store that's like stepping back in time, a homestyle restaurant serving Amish favorites, and that's about it. With that said, it was the perfect, quiet place to rest our heads after a long day of driving. 

Our Air B'n'B, The Little House, was the most charming little farm house that was built in the late 1800's. The original hardwood floors were beautifully worn after over a century - you can still see where the wood burning stove once sat. We fell asleep to the sounds of horses through open windows and woke to a breakfast of home made zucchini bread, spiced cider, and farm fresh milk and eggs that our host was kind  enough to provide for us. We loved the Little House and found it hard to leave, but it was only our first stop and we had a long way to go. If you're ever looking to slow down and enjoy a more simple way of living, go stay a few days at the Little House in Yoder, KS. Tell them the May's sent you!