Vinyl Wednesday: Hank Williams, Jr.

Born to Boogie

Released in 1987 on Warner Brother Records, Born to Boogie is the 40-something-ith album recorded by  Hank Williams, Jr. or "Bocephus" as some know him- son of country music legend Hank Williams, Sr. While Hank Sr. is known for crooning those sad, sad songs, the Hank Jr. of the 1980's was only here for the party. A little bit country, and a little bit rock & roll, the songs on the album include feel-good title track "Born to Boogie", and a couple of covers including the Rolling Stone's "Honky Tonk Woman" and Georgia Satellite's "Keep Your Hands To Yourself."  Kick off your shoes, grab your rowdy friends and a cold one, and boogie with Bocephus- new in this week at May's Place!